We have worked as management for the company Plantarium for almost one year starting May first 2006. The company started in 2003 and is a Dutch-Bosnian joint venture. Since April 1st 2007 we are no longer connected to this firm. We are back in Holland and have -since the summer of 2007- new jobs at the Professional University of Dronten in Holland.

The history of Plantarium

When we started Plantarium had three activities:

1. tissue culture production of indoor plants in the laboratory
2. seed production of perennials and hybrid seed production through manual pollination
3. the sales of garden plants and garden design

On our photo page you can get an impression of the different activities .


The first two activities were aimed for the Dutch market. The small tissue culture plants go to Dutch growers who grow them to be ready for sales throughout Europe. In plant production and specially pollination many hands are needed and this could have provided for many seasonal jobs. It is economically interesting to work in Bosnia because of low labour costs. The sales of garden plants is meant for the Bosnian market. The Bosnians who have money, most of them work abroad, seek high quality plants and are prepared to pay good money for them. High quality specialities are hard to find in Bosnia.

Ron has been working as director and Brigitta was employed as production manager. We have succeeded in improving the outside production considerably both in quality and in quantity. Yet end of 2006 it became clear that the technical and economic foundation of the tissue culture production was too frail to continue production. So the shareholders of the company have chosen to stop this production and to stop further investment in the other activities. For this reason we have stopped as management of this firm.